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Aug. 28th, 2009


(no subject)

car accidents suck :[

Aug. 9th, 2009


fast and furiousss

haha, got my license yesterday. went out to the barn, dropped off a movie and went to see my gma. all this only with my sister.. WOO xD
ive decided that im going to have fun today. so it will be awesome x]

im out

Aug. 8th, 2009


waking up early.. not ftw

ha, if i was to wake up early i was told my dad would take me to the crazy place.. guess where he is.. did you guess his bed sleeping? cuz your right if you didd.. GRR. ive managed to get like 4 hours asleep and im ready to go take this damn thing. nerrrrr
i should go nomnom on something i suppose, bla

Jul. 28th, 2009

Sangre de Toro

interesting day of flyinggg

soo, today has been REALLY interesting. we were all chillin an gettin ready to go to costa rica, all chill or whateve. my momma was all kay, here iz our tickets and the lady was like.. where are your proof of shots for yellow fever? and my mom was like HUH? O.O we ended up having to make a run to the clinic, get stabbed (I FREAKED OUT. me + needles = NO GOOD) i told my mom she wouldnt have to worry about me becoming a druggie cuz im too damn scared of needles.. hahahah. ANYWAY, our flight left at like 915 yah? but the place took foreverrrr to get us done, soo we had to fucking BOOK it back to the place. so then we jet, go thru sercurity. get felt up.. (awesome) and continue on.
the dog apprnlty smelled the pipes i bought too FML.. NO they were not used btw. but the people were all ZOMG WHAT IZ?! and my sister was by them at the time and was all, its a nut guys.. which IZ what it is. if anyone would ask, i bought it for the sea horse.. which is actually not a lie. its super neat:]

but yeah. we went, we flew. we landed, we had to run to catch our next flight.. flew some more.. yay :P and then found this dude that drove us and this other guy he was fucking drugged out of his MIND [didnt work with our dude] and we starting driving [not with drug dude]. we ended up going to see some crazy crocidiles, that was pretty neat. i should get a pichur before we leave. itd be neat to get a shot of em. they are fucking HUUUUGE! so they go nomnomnom. hahaha.
um, then we went and did some more driving. then finally arrived to crazy place. its pretty neat i guess :p i still reeeally miss home. but i guess were not even staying here as long as planned cuz teh car ride ended up being around 3 hours long. blaaaa. so my mom was like, instead of booking it at 6am, were gna chill. haha, were leaving sunday evening, goin to a hotel, then monday we explore. then we will leave tuesday.. WOOOOOT!!!

Jul. 23rd, 2009


colombia and other randomnessss

blaaa. i just loove sitting here not being able to sleep :/ yay too much thinking.. it doesnt help that i should go nomnom.. im actually super hungry ugh.
colombia has been.. special. i like seeing my cousin cuz hes my cuz and hes the shit :P his friends are pretty cool too:]
O.o carolina just made a noise.. hahha
anywayy. i rode some crazy pony today and i pretty much got my butt kicked into shape.. we literally rode for an hour with no break.. it was all trot and canter work baby. and omg, the horses knew what they hell they were doing! im soo scared to go jump tomorrow:[ im ESPC worried im gna fuck up my ankle. ughhh. like i love seeing these poniez, they iz the shit, but idk. i just dont feel right right now. i have no idea how to explain it. its like somethings outta place, there ya go. i honestly just wanna go home. im ready to tell my mom that too. i miss Magix and everyone. i guess the plus side to being here though is getting to have fun.. ha.
did you know its legal to have up to a gram or whateve of cocaine and like 20gs of weed here? O.O but get thisss, its illegal to buy it. hahhaha. i think thats kind of oxy morron, but whatever. the other catch is that whatever you do, you gotta do it at home, i guess they dont want crazy people on the street, which i understand 100%. there are ALREADY freaking insane ones here.. my mom has this woman, patri, come do our nails and her daughter is into the drug scene. she gets caught up with the drug dealers and i guess at one point was attacked and raped along with the other girl she was with. then apprntly they cut there hair all crappy (?) and then thru em in a waterfall.. :/ if i was her, id get help like asap. theres no one way id stay living like that, fuckkkk that!
i guess im going to a concert with tom and mah sister on friday? brazillian hiphop.. hahah, sounds like it should be interesting. tomorrow night laura and tom are comin for dinner because i guess my moms uncle is coming and wants to have us 4 an tom and laura, haha. thennn, im REALLY hoping he takes me and mah sis saturday.. apprntly there is a crazy thing and i wanna go:] im wondering what kind of stuff will be there.. he already hinted at it and im VERRRRRY tempted to buy some and bring some back home. it would be the amazingnessss<3

ohhhh! i almost forgot the bestttest part! xD were trying to get our hands on a Pharaoh Hound :]] im excited as HELL. we filled out and sent in the questionare this evening, i hope we pass or whatever.. i want this pup NOW. i already missed have an animal in the house. zuchetto stayed up with me and kept me soo much company.. god i loved him<3 but damn asshole had to leave our asses.. raaah
anyway.. i still have no idea how we plan to present this to my dad. ha, im hoping he doesnt freak. thatd be BAAAD. but id keep it anyway. i came up with the name King Tut:] if we would have gotten a girl, i told my momma we should name her Cleopatra.. ahhah. but a boy it is:) i really am physsced for this little guy. i guess the catch is that we gotta take him on walks an such everyday. which i suppose isnt too bad, but it means ill have to get up in the morning to go for a run. ha, it will be funnn.

mehhh, im gna see if i can attempt to sleep off this fucking hunger..
i think ive lost weight with this habit of awesome i picked up here

Jul. 10th, 2009



i will always love you zuchetto<3

Jul. 9th, 2009



waaaah, mah birthday is like 4 days away xD WOOOT! im sooo excited!!! im spending the night at alicias to party and be an idiot on sunday so i can be all weeeewooo into my birthday, hehe. then saturday im just having people over to chill out or whatever. im also spending the day with amanda since shes working in the evening and cant make it :p im gna wing the most of it.. haha. were putting up a vball net fer sure, i just gotta focus on not tearing up my ankle while i go has fun. lol. we also have a butt ton of sparklers to mess with, so that should be special. errm, getting a trampoline might also hapeen tomorrow YESS. haha. im look forward to thatt. i like to jumpjumpjump ^.^ hehe

hahaha. so tonight after hanging out with davis, the neighbor kid, we came home and i was like shiiiit, im bored. so i was like, i just cut my hair and its all colored and pretty so i need to get a pichurrr. then i was like DANCEDANCE. lmao, i was in carolinas room totally rockin out while she took like 70 pichurss. it was funnnny! some actually came out kinda funny. i also found this crazy glitter lamp thingy that she bought at spencers a while ago and i was like :O 'can i borrow this this wkend?' and she was like go for ittt. im suuuper duper excited ;] hehhe
apprntly my mom, sis, and dad are all getting something ready while im at alicias? i guess im getting like a shit ton of things, which im pretty excited about actually. carolina decided to give me a necklace cuz she couldnt wait to give me something. she spent like fucking $50 bucks! :x out of her OWN pocket too! i was like DAYUM. hahah, i was excited. i guess magii is also giving me somethign? lol

im soo excited for this wkendddxD

one thing i do want for mah bday though is for mah kitty to get better:[ he was doin the hacky thing earlier today when i was pettin his head an whatnot and i was like, thats not supposed to happen.. so my mom was like FUCK IT WERE TAKING HIM BACK. so we go pick him up tomorrow now :P haha. im pretty shure he should be all happy an whatnot..

Jul. 4th, 2009


been a whileee :P

ha, i hvnt posted in quite a while and im feeling in a spilly gutty mood..

Cindy has helped me sooo much with Magii since shes started working with him. its freaking amazinggg. im SOO damned happy to be riding again, i forgot how much fun it was to work :P haha. i was doing about half hour lessons.. but decided to push it today to about 45 minutes and then dieeed. hahaha. i was like Cindy.. im gna die. so we quit and ended on a good note of cantering while collected :) we untacked walked aroud a bit to cool off then showered OMG, hahah. and he was good. then i put him back and he was a very happy pony ^.^
carolinas lesson was special today.. ha. she went out on XC an decided NOT to lunge before going out there.. we hvnt been there since our last lesson which was wednesday which isnt too bad, but cmonn. of course Twiggy thru the OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG RUUUUN cuz thats all carolina has taught her to do out there... thank god for Cindy. they started trotting and we all found out Twiggy most def knows where home is :p there was running, cantering, and bucking and carolina somehow stayed on. it was quite the sightt. after they became collected an Cindy helped out, they started jumping and were doing super well actually. except for this one particular jump *ouch foot ache..* anyway, she wouldnt jump it when she was with allison springer a wk or so back. allison thought that it might have been too big for Twiggy but Cindy was like no.. theres no way. so she told her to go over and there was lots of refusing :p so theeeen, Cindy got on and was like 'you will go over.. ' hahaha. it took A LOT of doing but she FINALLY went over after lots and LOTS of kicks, running into the jump reptitvely and a (in Cindys words) pencil type stick thing to help out. lmao. i love herr:) ive learned soo much from her alredyy:]

erm. what else to touch on.. ohhhh. i woke up to mah kitty making a hacky sound then proceding to throw up on my carpet.. it was suuuper. then he went on to puke about 10 more times.. no exageration. we ended up taking him to the vets because we were all gettin scared he was gna get super sickk:/ i guess he got the kitty pancritis? they dont know why it happens, but that i just happens and that he just needs to keep hydratedd. so we keep offering him water to make sure he doesnt die.. i hope he ends up bein okayy

OHHHH. alicia dyed my haiirrrr ^.^ i think its sooo awesomeeee. although.. my momma begs to differ:/ im thinking i may have to dye it back before colombia:(((( which i REALLY dont want to do.. dude, i dont even wanna fucking go. ugh. stupid conservative place. grrr. she said im gna get a crap ton of looks and my response was good and she was like oh honey, there not good looks at all. argg. i guess we'll just see how this turns out, i like it soo much, i dont want it to go away:/ blaaa

hmm, anything else.. OH HEY. mah birthday is coming up suuuper fast. WOO HOO! i already has mah cup cakes picked out too! i decided to say fuck a cake :p cup cakes owwwn. but they iz the red velvet kind, mmmm x] they tasted delicioussss. im hoping my birthday in general doesnt suck too bad. so far what i have ish planned is having like 6 or 7 people over at mah house the 11th to just kinda mess around. then going off to sicias the 12th-13th to has some funnnns:] that will be the awesomeeee. mmm;] i still gotta make shure its all good, last i talked to her it was, so hopefully yesssh. that is the ONE thing im super excited about, event wise anyhoot

mmm, zzzz

Mar. 15th, 2009


magii! <3

im sooo happy with Magix! he was absolutley AMAZiNG today!! :] i'll start with the beginning of the day and go to the amazingness part..

i woke up kinda blech. i didnt go to bed until.. 330am? ha, i was up reading fmylife.com = kick ass site. i was talking to josh too, so that was fun
umm. so yeah. had breakfast, made SP get up to go to, got dressed, and then drove to the barn. when i got to the barn my dad was like 'park there' so i was like 'k'. then he was like 'no. PARALLEL park there :]' i just kinda gave him a look and was like 'huh?' he was like, 'i'll talk to you thru it' so he did. we ended up getting into an argument :p but oh well. long story short to that, it was a pain in the ass. went to see Magii, his eye looks to be all healed up now.
SP got out Pokey so i helped groom him and then he decided to show off his skills in teh outdoor when she was lunging him. it was really funny :)
then when she was done, she helped me brush Magii, he was SHEDDDDDDING. when we were done with that, i wasnt expecting him to freaking go bonkers. so i was like okay.. he rolled TWICE outside.. then toooook off when i gave him the okay. after i yelled at him for about charging at me *i was VEERRY pissed at this* he was rearing, bucking running around and going WOOOOO. but after that, he decided to prance around; which was ADORABLE! :D i ended up walking it out for about 45 minutes.. he was breathing soo hard.
but whateve, i saddled him up and hopped on. i walked for a bit and got him round, he was good. then trotted for a few min then went back out and trotted. after talking to Claire and SP i went back inside with SP and Twiggy. i made her sick around beacuse i was gna canter. so i started trotting and then asked him to canter. he was SOO good! :D i was proud as hell! he picked it right up. carolina even told me to get up in jump position, which i did well with. then gave him a little break and went the other way. idk why, but i felt like i was flying when i went that way :] he was amazing. then i hopped off, gave SP my saddle and hopped on bareback. he was still good. so we just walked around with Twiggy and SP. they were good. after they left i hopped off and brushed him really good. he was happy and verrrry tired. he yawned like 5 times. ha! i gave him a few treats which he liked a bunch.
after i went out and watched SP jump Twiggy, they did good. im proud of them. there both getting better at what they do.
umm. then it got a little cold so we hung out with Pokey and Magii and they had dinner an yeaaah. came home and thats it.

although, i am now saddle sore :p

Feb. 3rd, 2009


not againnn

uggh. ive pretty much been in bed all day >.< i feel sick as a dog.. i cant breathe amazingly :p my throat and head are just peachy too. i now have to 'write' a 5 page paper for PE. haha, NOT. copy and paste baby.

i need to go out and see Magix xp poor horse.. he must think i hate him :/ his mane will be going byebye.. :[ he has none left so i guess its truly only fair. ha. im gna get some funny ass looks from people, but i dont think i could care less..
i would love if i just got better.. this includes my stomach. xp i hvnt eaten like anything except this cherrio stuff either. so im starving, but my its hurts like a bitch to eat anything.

yay feeling like having mono ALL over again
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